On Tuesday an old picture of Obama lackey Jen Psaki, wearing a Russian pink hat, with a Hammer and Sickle on it, resurfaced.

The photo was taken in 2015 when she was a spokes-parrot for the State Department of the Obama administration.

At that time, along with Marie Harf, Psaki’s deputy parrot at State, they lied and propagandized nearly daily, almost like Baghdad Bob did.  Psaki defended one of the worst foreign policy presidents in US history on a daily basis with a trough of lies and half-truths.

Such efforts, invariably, get rewarded by the leftie media moguls, including Fox News. CNN hired Psaki and Fox hired Harf, after President Trump won in 2016.

At the time Psaki wore the hat she is pictured in next to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

By Tuesday night leftwing hacks at USA Today were defending Psaki.  They declared the picture was “missing context.”

Their ridiculous ‘fact-checking’ is being slammed today. Context is NEVER granted to any Republican or conservative, nor to President Trump and his supporters. The MAGA hat is designated “racist” by the demonic left for no reason. Patriotism is designated “xenophobic” too.

Jen Psaki herself was very annoyed that the internet doesn’t forget things and tried to lie and propagandize, just like she often did in the olden days at State. Psaki labeled those who’d forward the picture to be “Russian stooges.” This from the people who promoted the Russia hoax for 5 years.

The replies to her protestations are priceless.

Now she claims that “it was a gift from the Russians” and that she was just being polite to her Russian guests, including Lavrov. She also insinuated that she’d returned the hat. But back then, when she left State, she said “the hat goes with me”. Cernovich nailed her.

For real context, it is estimated that communism killed 100 million people.

Russia expert David Satter in 2017 concluded that at least 20 million Russians died as a direct result of communist policies.