Mark Levin responded to the news Barr made in his interview with the AP, where he said “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

Levin suggests it isn’t that the DOJ hasn’t found massive fraud, it’s that they aren’t interested in looking:

This is why Levin calls Barr’s statement ‘misleading’:

We know that the DOJ is reluctant to investigate election fraud until after the election is over, and if what Levin is saying is true across the board, then it sounds like these US Attorneys are just not interested in looking, despite Barr’s permission to do so.

Which sucks. I get not wanting to interfere in an election because of a conflict of interest, but 70 million people’s vote is essentially being disenfranchised here by massive voter fraud. Just a little while ago we listened to a brave USPS subcontractor testify that thousands of completed absentee ballots, ready to be counted, were put on his tractor trailer in Bethany, New York and taken down to Pennsylvania. And who is going to investigate this after the election when Biden’s hack AG is installed?